Unlucky in love, lucky in the lottery: Man wins $1 million in Illinois after breakup

One man was not so lucky with love this Valentine’s Day, but he scored a big jackpot in the Illinois lottery.

He scratched off a $1 million prize, lottery officials said in a Feb. 14 news release.

“I don’t have a special someone to share my big news with because my girlfriend and I broke up three days before I bought the winning ticket,” the anonymous winner told lottery officials. “You can say I haven’t had much luck in the love department but that’s alright, because now I really hit the jackpot!”

He told lottery officials he was shocked after he scratched the ticket.

““I immediately felt my life change,” he told Illinois lottery officials. “I almost didn’t go to work!”

He purchased the Monopoly 50X ticket in Northlake, Illinois, at a Walmart and has decided to keep the winnings a secret.

“I’ve been going crazy keeping this million-dollar secret,” the winner said.

Northlake is about 20 miles west of Chicago.

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