Jessie Wallace Splits From Singer Boyfriend Tim Arnold As He ‘Tires Of Celeb Lifestyle’

Jessie Wallace and her boyfriend Tim Arnold have split after he apparently became tired of the attention her fame brought – despite his auditioning for The Voice last year.

Former EastEnders star Jessie, 44, and the 40-year-old musician have been dating since since 2012.

But he has now confirmed their split because the limelight has grown tiresome.

Tim told the Daily Mirror at the Jimi Hendrix At Home after party in Soho, London: “People just want to know about the celebrities you know or have been with. I am tired of it.”

When asked if the couple had been apart for a while, he replied: “Not for a long time.”

A spokesperson for Tim later said: “Tim does not discuss any of his relationships with celebrities that are in his life. He communicates publicly through his music as an artist.”


Jessie with Tim in 2014

Tim is a singer and producer who goes by the stage name The Soho Hobo and is the son of former EastEnders actress, Polly Perkins who played Dot Cotton’s half-sister Rose.

He was picked up by Ricky Wilson on The Voice last year, but he lost to eventual winner Stevie McCrorie in an elimination round.

Jessie, who has just departed EastEnders alongside on-screen husband Shane Richie, has had a string of bad-luck when it comes to relationships.


Tim in his ‘Soho Hobo’ musician guise

Before she began her relationship with Tim, the actress was engaged to catering boss Vince Morse, but she called off their wedding after she found out he’d sent raunchy texts to a former lover the night before their wedding day after he sent sexts to a former lover the night before their wedding day.

She previously dated policeman Dave Morgan from 2003 to 2005, father to her daughter, Tallulah Lilac Morgan, 11.

Tim and Jessie have split despite the musician saying last year he’d always be loyal to her because of her previous love splits.

He said: “I knew about the terrible experience she’d had. One of the greatest crimes that can happen to any woman, whether they are famous or not, is to be humiliated.

“I always took it as a responsibility to be both supportive and protective of Jessie.”