Unlicensed Pearl City care home ordered to close

Sep. 3—The state Department of Health has ordered the closure of a Pearl City care home that has been operating without a license.

The DOH today announced that it has issued a Notice of Violation and Order to TLC for the Elderly, located at 1863 Hookupa St. The NOVO was also issued to Helen Ferrer, manager of the care home, and her daughter Millicents, a tenant of the property who the DOH said aided and abetted with her mother in operating the facility.

The were ordered to desist operations, transfer all their residents to a licensed care home within a week and pay administrative penalties totaling $271, 600.

"Licensure and oversight of care homes are critical to ensure that Hawaii residents receive safe, appropriate care services by trained staff, " said Keith Ridley, DOH Office of Health Care Assurance Chief, in a statement. "We will take all steps necessary to protect Hawaii residents and hold illegal care home operators accountable."

The health department had received reports that the owners were operating an unlicensed care home, but were denied entry when inspectors attempted to inspect the residence.

A search warrant was executed in coordination with the state Department of the Attorney General on July 15.