UNLV gunman, Anthony Polito, was professor at ECU

The gunman suspected of killing three people and injuring a fourth at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas was once an assistant professor at East Carolina University.

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Anthony Polito, 67, was shot and killed by campus police Wednesday within minutes of him opening fire on campus.

Polito, who was denied a professorship at UNLV, had more than 150 rounds of ammunition and a gun with him during the shooting rampage.

A former ECU student told ABC affiliate WCTI in New Bern that Polito held grudges.

“He would talk about receiving the anonymous feedback and then try to figure out who the student was that wrote the feedback,” said Paul Whittington, a former ECU student. “He would talk in his class. he would read the review and say, ‘I know who wrote it. They sat right there. They were here two semesters ago.’”

Police said the three people Polito killed were faculty members. A fourth victim was a visiting professor and has life-threatening injuries.

Before the shooting, investigators said Polito sent letters with talcum powder on them to university employees across the country.

They said he also had a list of people he was “seeking” at ECU and UNLV.

ABC affiliate WTVD reported that Polito had a Master of Business Administration from Duke University.

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