Union rejects ‘disgraceful’ 5¢ offer from Molson Coors

Union rejects ‘disgraceful’ 5¢ offer from Molson Coors

FORT WORTH, Texas - Union workers say negotiations with Molson Coors have collapsed.

Members of the Teamsters union at the Fort Worth brewery are fighting for higher pay and improved retirement benefits.

They’ve been on strike since late February.

The union said Molson Coors offered a $.05 per hour increase in its latest offer. That’s on top of the $.99 per hour raise the company originally offered.

The union rejected it, calling it a total disgrace.

"Molson Coors brought in $12 billion last year, and they have the nerve to sit across from us at the bargaining table and offer workers who made them that money a nickel more in wages. We can’t even call this an offer — it’s spitting in the face of each of the 420 Teamsters in Texas who make this company and its executives obscenely wealthy," said Jeff Padellaro, the director of the Teamsters Brewery, Bakery, and Soft Drink Conference.

At the start of the strike, Molson Coors said its offer exceeded local market rates for similar unionized roles.

The Fort Worth brewery is the only facility in the western part of the country producing Molson Coors products including Coors Light, Miller Lite, Blue Moon, Yuengling, and Topo Chico.