Unfiltered: ‘We’re the psychic twins.’

Twins Terry and Linda Jamison first learned about their psychic abilities in high school, when they would predict when their friends would get into relationships with boys — and when they would break up. “We were always right,” says Linda, laughing. “Where we grew up in a little town, outside Philadelphia, nobody had ever heard of psychics. They didn’t know what they were.”
Now, the Psychic Twins — as they call themselves — are internet stars: With over 750,000 YouTube subscribers and a total video view count reaching 30 million, they’ve accrued a strong, loyal following that seems to grow with each prediction they make, whether it’s on the scale of a natural disaster or a celebrity pregnancy. So far, they claim to have a track record of over 3,000 verified predictions.

Thirty years ago, however, the twins were pursuing another calling: comedy. In the ’80s, Terry and Linda both moved to New York City and tried to break into the comedy industry, eventually landing a guest spot on NBC’s Saturday Night Live as a two-headed housewife giving cleaning tips. Shortly thereafter, they relocated to Los Angeles in hopes of taking their talents — both funny and psychic — to Hollywood. “So we moved out here,” says Terry. “And the comedy was slow to catch on, but our psychic work just — I mean, it went like crazy. People were crazy about it.” Their first foray into psychic television work was in the mid-’90s on NBC’s The Other Side, which featured psychics interacting with guests. A lot of talk show offers poured in soon afterward, and they quickly realized their supernatural abilities attracted an even bigger audience than their comedy did. “That’s when we really decided to commit ourselves,” says Terry. “It was a long time of developing our psychic gifts.” They began to follow a regimen of meditating several hours a day followed by what they call an automatic-writing trance, writing allegedly directed by a spirit and performed quickly with no thought. “We like to say it’s like metaphysical bodybuilding. Instead of going to a gym and lifting weights and building up your muscles, we build metaphysical muscles, psychic, intuitive muscles,” says Linda.

Linda and Terry Jamison appear as the two headed housewife on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”. (Image: Saturday Night Live)
Linda and Terry Jamison appear as the two headed housewife on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”. (Image: Saturday Night Live)

With predictions ranging from natural disasters to mass shootings, to celebrity deaths and audience members’ illnesses, the twins appeared on multiple national radio and television shows like The Ricki Lake Show, The Tyra Banks Show, and Coast to Coast, doing readings about the future. These include Category 5 and 4 hurricanes Irma and Harvey, the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, and even Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win.

The twins’ biggest claim to fame, however, is their alleged foretelling of the events of September 11 — made almost 20 years ago on radio show Coast to Coast. Terry recalls host Art Bell suggesting they make a few predictions for the upcoming millennium. “Our first world prediction was 9/11, on his show,” she states. When a listener called in and asked about impending disasters, the twins discussed a terrorist attack targeting the World Trade Center in 2002 and several similar events at other government buildings by then.

There are many who dispute their thousands of predictions, with some pointing out that their version of September 11 specified an incorrect year. And there are others, the twins say, who have gone out of their way to censor them due to how accurate their predictions are, such as the media and several government agencies. The actions of those agencies, however, have not deterred them from assisting law enforcement: “We’ve worked as psychic detectives, helping police with murder cases, cold cases, missing-persons cases. We’ve done it all.” The twins allege they were able to get a body exhumed because of an incorrect cause of death. “They exhumed the body and found out the bullet wound was in such a place that you couldn’t have done it yourself with a rifle,” recalls Linda. “We’re saying exhume bodies. That’s expensive. It’s risky, because you could look bad.” But it is their confidence in their skills, however, that has enabled them to make such bold predictions. “We go in there where people don’t really have the courage to go,” says Linda. “We’ve done this for 35 to 40 years.” Throughout their long career, the twins have also authored four books, their most recent being You Can’t Fix Stupid: Psychic Tips to Idiot-Proof Your Life.

The cover of Terry and Linda’s most recent book. (Image: via Terry and Linda Jamison)
The cover of Terry and Linda’s most recent book. (Image: via Terry and Linda Jamison)

Recalling a history of folklore painting witches and psychics as villains and the devil personified, Linda says, “We’re still rebuilding the validity of the work we do because the public is so threatened. … Anything feeling or hearing things outside the normal senses, the church tried to suppress and so did science. And, unfortunately, that went on for centuries. So we’re helping people to see, ‘Look, this isn’t something to be afraid of like you were taught.’”

“It’s a mystery to us, it really is, why it’s still going on in 2018 where there are so many scientific studies documenting this kind of thing as being possible,” she says. “Thousands of studies published in reputable journals. The skeptics are more like cynics, we feel. It’s really because they take a cynical stance more than an open-minded stance.”

Much like astronauts, they perceive themselves as the pioneers of what they believe is the last frontier — psychic intelligence. “We say we’re pioneers of inner space, as opposed to outer space. And we’re actually, you know, pioneering the farthest reaches of the human psyche and the human mind.” The twins perceive the future generation as open-minded explorers they believe will bring legitimacy to their craft. “So many of our young fans are, you know, teenagers or 8 years old,” says Terry. “Certain millennials are opening up to it.”

If nothing else, they say they hope they can to teach others to embrace and develop their own intuition. “It’s like a nun’s calling, as strange as it sounds,” says Linda. “We don’t make much money. We hardly ever do private readings now … But we do it because we want people to be made aware that this is a talent that could be developed in other people too, and every person has the muscles and the basic innate gifts.”

Terry chimes in: “Supernatural is the new natural … We feel that in teaching people how to embrace their own intuition and psychic gifts and intuitive gifts, that everyone can develop their intuition to some degree.”

With their abilities, for Linda and Terry, the goal is to improve humanity. “We hope that people will take our lead and sort of expand on what we’ve been able to do over these several decades and really help mankind move in a positive direction, rather than the negative direction we’re going in now. It’s a matter of life and death. It’s a matter of survival.”