'Very unfair!': Trump tweets cap another tumultuous week

The president capped a week that might have been remembered for a history-making summit with North Korea by blasting developments sure to leave a less favorable public impression: the jailing of his former campaign chairman as well as Trump’s own policy of separating parents entering the country illegally from their children.

In fact, Paul Manafort was not sentenced. Instead, a judge revoked his bail after finding that he had attempted to influence the testimony of government witnesses in the case against him. Manafort must now remain behind bars until his trial begins in September. Unlike Manafort, former FBI Director James Comey and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have not been charged with any crimes.

Photo illustration: Kelli R. Grant/Yahoo News; photos: Evan Vucci/AP, Getty Images
Photo illustration: Kelli R. Grant/Yahoo News; photos: Evan Vucci/AP, Getty Images

For Trump, the fact that special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation has yielded indictments and guilty pleas is beside the point. What matters to him is his perception of a double standard. That’s made all the more apparent for Trump and his supporters by what they see as a lack of credit being given to the president for his meeting in Singapore with Kim Jong Un.

The perceived lack of respect given to his administration by members of the media is a recurring theme in Trump’s tweets, as it was again on Friday.

But Trump himself was found to have distorted the truth multiple times Friday, both in an impromptu news conference, and with a repeated claim that Democrats were to blame for his own administration’s policy of separating the parents of undocumented immigrants illegally entering the country from their children.

The Associated Press reported Friday that 2,000 children have been separated from their parents over the past six weeks in a crackdown ordered by the Trump administration.

With Trump’s tweets and statements to reporters being challenged over their truthfulness, the president directed the nation’s attention back to North Korea on Friday. But without a concrete deal in place to denuclearize the totalitarian nation, Trump’s thoughts turned to another aspect of life for citizens there under Kim.

“He speaks, and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same,” Trump told “Fox & Friends.”

Later Friday, Trump did his best to get back on message, releasing a YouTube clip in which he boasted of the summit with Kim. “We have been working very hard,” Trump said. “We made the trip. It was worth every second.”


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