UNESCO mission begins work in Chernihiv

Consequences of a missile attack on the center of Chernihiv
Consequences of a missile attack on the center of Chernihiv

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) mission has arrived in Ukraine’s Chernihiv to assess the damage local cultural landmarks sustained from Russian missile strikes, Ukrainian Culture Ministry announced on Oct. 30.

According to the ministry, the mission plans to gather data on damaged sites, including the Pyatnytska Church, Antoniev Caves, Chernihiv regional Music and Drama Theatre, and others. Based on the mission's findings, a restoration plan will be prepared for these sites.

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These landmarks were damaged in the Aug. 19 ballistic missile strike Russia launched at the city. Seven people were killed in the attack, including a six-year-old child, and 214 others were injured.

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In April 2023, Ukraine requested UNESCO to grant World Heritage status to the historical center of Chernihiv.

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