Underwater robot and drone: Ukraine's rescue service reveals how it clears bodies of waters from mines

Modern specialised equipment is being used to inspect bodies of water in Mykolaiv Oblast for explosive devices.

Source: State Emergency Service (SES) of Ukraine

Quote: "On 1 July, modern specialised equipment was used to carry out [demining] work at a Mykolaiv firm: a Charpie underwater robot, a Fifish V6 Expert M100 underwater drone, and a Sonobot 5 [unmanned surface vehicle for hydrographic surveying].

The surveys were carried out with the involvement of a special river-sea demining boat, and Rescuer 2019 and Crouline diving and rescue boats."

Details: Protective buoys were installed wherever divers found explosive devices; the devices were then brought to the surface and transported to the shore by boat, before being loaded into a special vehicle, which took them to be destroyed in a specially designated area.

In total, over 15 hectares of water bodies in Mykolaiv Oblast have been cleared of explosive devices.

Using modern equipment, such as underwater drones and robots, for detecting dangerous traces of war will speed up the process of clearing bodies of water from mines and protecting personnel from injury, the SES said.

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