UNC Board of Governors considering new admission standards

The UNC Board of Governors considered the standard of its admissions during a virtual meeting on Wednesday, according to reports from WTVD.

The minimum requirement that calls for submission of SAT or ACT scores remains suspended, a policy caused by adjustments during the COVID-19 pandemic. That waiver is set to expire for the class that begins its studies at UNC system schools in the 2025-2026 academic year.

According to WTVD, the board of governors discussed changes to the system’s policy manual that includes a requirement for a higher grade point average for potential students. The draft policy would also allow students who don’t have the required GPA to take a standardized test as an alternative to gain admission to a UNC system school.

“I know there is sincere concern that requiring standardized tests, which we have in the past, is discriminatory, that it discriminates on the basis of race, or class, low income versus wealthy, or geography, in particular rural versus urban, and while these concerns are sincere, I do not think that they are currently supported by the evidence,” said UNC Governor Art Pope.

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Applicants in North Carolina public schools have access to the ACT through the school system, so those concerns apply more to students applying to North Carolina schools from states that don’t offer easy access to standard college admissions tests.

It appeared after Wednesday’s meeting that the BOG is considering phasing in any changes, meaning that some changes would take effect starting in the fall of 2025, with more coming in the fall of 2026.

According to WTVD, no action was taken during the meeting and the board will officially vote on the changes in April.

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