This unbelievably tiny smartphone charger knows plenty of other tricks

Chris Smith

The Power Company, which previously crowd-funded a Charged Card ultra-portable smartphone battery, is back with a new interesting Indiegogo project — a wallet-sized Smart Card that not only packs quite a punch when it comes to spare battery juice, but also offers other interesting features including an external hard drive.

The Smart Card can charge iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets, but it also offers users access to a flashlight, a 911 auto dial button that works together with the smartphone, a microSD card reader, Bluetooth connectivity and tracking features that can help users keep track of their smartphones and even keys (with help of a Smartie tracker accessory).

The Smart Card project seeks $15,000 in funding in total, having already raised more than $9,000 with 35 days left in the campaign.

The cheapest Smart Card that can be purchased for $39 comes with 8GB of storage and will ship in October, assuming the project is funded – the 128GB Smart Card costs $109, with various other options already available. The Smartie trackers that can be used to track other objects costs $19 a piece, while Smart Card and Smartie trackers bundles are also available on Indiegogo.

Videos further explaining the Smart Card battery follow below.

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