UN 'running out of words' to describe Gaza: official

STORY: :: A UN official says they're 'running

out of words' to describe Gaza's situation

:: Edem Wosornu, Director of Operations and Advocacy, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

"We are running out of words to describe what is happening in Gaza. We have described it as a catastrophe, a nightmare, as hell on earth. It is all of these and worse."

:: May 20, 2024

:: Meanwhile the Palestinian envoy

insists the killing of civilians must stop

:: Riyad Mansour, Palestinian UN envoy

"Gaza will haunt the conscience of the world long after this genocide stops. And stop it must and it must now."

:: Israel's envoy condemns ICC arrest warrants

for top leaders that include Israel's Netanyahu

:: Gilad Erdan, Israeli Ambassador to the UN

"This morning, in an act of outrageous absurdity and moral bankruptcy, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court announced that he will seek arrest warrants for Israeli leaders and Hamas leaders. This is despicable. An unforgettable day on which an immoral equivalence is being made between a terror organization and the leaders of a vibrant democracy. This is a dark day for the international community and a dark day for international institutions."

Food and medicine for Palestinians in Gaza are piling up in Egypt because the Rafah crossing remains closed and there has been no aid delivered to a U.N. warehouse from a U.S.-built pier for two days, U.N. officials warned on Monday.

Israel is retaliating against Hamas in Gaza - an enclave of 2.3 million people - over a brutal Oct. 7 attack by the Palestinian militants.

Aid access into southern Gaza has been disrupted since Israel stepped up military operations in Rafah, a move that the U.N. says has forced 900,000 people to flee.