UN: Congo rebel groups kill 264 people since April

GOMA, Congo (AP) — A United Nations report says that while international attention centers on the M23 rebels, other armed groups in eastern Congo have killed more than 260 civilians since April.

The report, published Wednesday, said a series of six U.N. investigations have determined that the Raïa Mutomboki and Nyatura armed groups were responsible for most of the 75 massacres in which at least 264 people died, including 83 children.

The Raïa Mutomboki — meaning "Angry Villagers" in Swahili — is a Congolese armed group that was created in South Kivu province in 2008 to defend the local population against the FDLR, a Hutu militia of former participants in the Rwandan genocide of 1994 who fled to Congo. The groups have taken advantage of the weak security in eastern Congo, said the report.