The Ultimate 'Between Two Ferns' Video Mashes James Franco and Lonely Island

Connor Simpson
May 8, 2013

Would you count Edward Norton, James Franco, Zach Galifianakis, and the Lonely Island guys among your favorite people? It's your lucky day! Because the Lonely Island troupe just premiered a new video and song inside a "Between Two Ferns" sketch that also stars James Franco. 

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Oh, right, Edward Norton. We'll get there. So James Franco is the latest guest in Galifianakis's awkward celebrity interview series turned full-on variety show, promoting "Ounce the Great and Powerful." They talk about life, religion and James Franco's sausage. Galifianakis asks him some pretty hilarious questions ("Of all the art projects you've done, what made people roll their eyes the hardest?") and a particularly damning question about hosting the Oscars.

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This eventually gives way to the "musical guest," the Lonely Island guys, who sing a song about spring break. Get it? Because James Franco was in Spring Breakers. The song is called "Spring Breakers Anthem," off their Wack Album that's coming out in June. They drink and they chug and drink more and sniff coke off a hooker's butt and marry a dude, like Edward Norton maybe, all the things we saw the kids in Spring Breakers do. Wait, what:

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