UK's flagship aircraft carrier has an outbreak of around 100 COVID-19 cases on its first deployment

British navy aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth F-35B
HMS Queen Elizabeth at sea with HMS Prince of Wales (not pictured) for the first time, May 19, 2021. Royal Navy/POPhot Jay Allen
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth, the UK's flagship aircraft carrier, is experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak, the BBC reported.

  • According to the report, there have been at least 100 cases of the disease on the ship.

  • It is currently a quarter of the way through a 28-week world tour, according to the report.

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The UK's flagship aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19 with at least 100 cases of the disease, according to a report Wednesday from the BBC.

The ship is currently about a quarter of the way through a 28-week world tour leading the Carrier Strike Group (CSG), according to the report. Several other ships in the fleet have also been impacted by the outbreak, according to the BBC.

The outbreak is being managed and everyone aboard the ship has received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told the BBC.

"As part of routine testing, a small number of crew from the Carrier Strike Group have tested positive for COVID-19," a spokesperson for the Royal Navy told the outlet.

"The Carrier Strike Group will continue to deliver their operational tasks and there are no effects on the deployment."

The ship is currently in the Indian Ocean and will travel to Japan later this year, according to the BBC report.

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