Ukrenergo: Germany to provide $80-million grant to protect critical infrastructure

The German development bank KfW will provide the Ukrainian state-run energy operator Ukrenergo with a 76-million euro ($80 million) grant to strengthen and protect Ukraine's energy capabilities, Ukrenergo announced on Oct. 13.

The funds will be used to modernize existing energy infrastructure, install new high-voltage equipment, and construct protections for substations, Ukrenergo said.

The planned works aim "to increase the reliability of power supply to customers," especially in anticipation of Russia's expected campaign against Ukraine's critical infrastructure this coming winter.

The grant is designed to go hand-in-hand with the additional air defense package Germany announced it will provide to Ukraine on Oct. 10.

The package includes an additional Patriot air defense system, which Germany pledged on Oct. 5 it would provide to Kyiv. IRIS-T and Gepard systems are also included.

In total, Ukrenergo was able to procure more than 220 million euros in grants and loans from KfW. A number of other German companies also provided Ukrenergo with parts and other equipment needed to repair energy infrastructure.

On Oct. 8, the Ukrainian Air Force warned that Russia will likely launch a record number of drones against Ukraine as it seeks to destroy the country's energy infrastructure.

Moscow attempted such a strategy during the fall and winter of 2022-2023, which led to frequent blackouts and a lack of heating across the country.

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