Ukrainians without Russian passports denied healthcare in occupied territories — Kyiv

Russian passport
Russian passport

Ukrainian citizens in Moscow-occupied areas of the country, who have refused to apply for Russian passports, are being denied medical services by the occupation “authorities,” Ukraine’s National Resistance Center (NRC) said in a message on its website on Sept. 4.

The report alleges that the Kremlin is thereby seeking new ways to compel locals to become Russian citizens.

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"Hospitals in the temporarily occupied Zaporizhzhya [Oblast] will not serve Ukrainians from Sept. 1 if they do not have Russian citizenship," the message reads.

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Furthermore, according to the center, there were previously documented instances where high school students were denied tuition if they didn’t have Russian passports.

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“Lists of all people who refuse to obtain a passport are handed over to so-called migration departments,” the report adds.

“After the lists have been submitted, people are given 10 days to ‘rectify’ the situation. Only after this are they admitted to classes.”

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