Ukrainians killed in Germany were soldiers undergoing treatment – Ukraine's Foreign Ministry

Murnau-am-Staffelsee. Google maps
Murnau-am-Staffelsee. Google maps

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has confirmed the information that the two Ukrainians killed in Germany were soldiers undergoing treatment in Bavaria after being injured in the combat zone.

Source: European Pravda with reference to the comment of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry for the media

Details: A high-profile double murder was committed on 27 April in the city of Murnau-am-Staffelsee, where two Ukrainian men aged 37 and 23 were found on the territory of a shopping mall with fatal stab wounds.

Quote: "Early reports say that the deceased citizens were soldiers undergoing medical rehabilitation in Germany. The Ukrainian consuls are specifying the units in which the victims served, and are getting in touch with their families."

More details: Diplomats also confirmed that the Russian man suspected of committing this murder had been detained.

The press service of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry added that Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba ordered to pay special attention to the case and "remain in constant contact with German law enforcement so that the murderer is punished to the fullest extent of the law". He also expressed his gratitude to German law enforcement for the quick arrest of the suspect.

Background: The report of two men critically injured in Murnau was received at around 17:20 on Saturday (27 April). By the time paramedics arrived, one man had died. The second man, who also had severe injuries, died in hospital shortly afterwards.

A 57-year-old Russian man suspected of the murder was arrested in the city of Murnau in Germany.

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