Ukrainians break through minefield towards Tokmak

US officials told CBS News that the Ukrainian military appears to have made progress in its offensive against the Russian-occupied town of Tokmak, an important barrier city between Ukrainian forces and the city of Melitopol in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Source: CBS News

Details: A US official told CBS News on Thursday that Ukrainian troops have broken through a Russian minefield north of Tokmak and are now fighting the first line of Russian defence holding the city.

CBS states that recapturing towns like Tokmak and then advancing to Melitopol will be a challenge for the Ukrainian counter-offensive, which has made gradual gains since the beginning of the summer. However, Melitopol is the gateway to annexed Crimea and a vital Russian transit hub.

Background: The day before, The Washington Post stated that US intelligence believes that the Ukrainian counter-offensive will not achieve its key goals, namely the liberation of Melitopol, because even regaining control of Tokmak is a difficult task given the three Russian defence lines.

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