Ukrainian pilots begin ‘hands-on’ F-16 training in US

F-16 fighter jets
F-16 fighter jets

A select group of Ukrainian pilots have begun basic flight training on F-16 jet fighters at an Air National Guard base in Arizona, the U.S. Air Force announced on Oct. 25, as reported by Air & Space Forces Magazine.

An Air Force representative stated that a "small number" of Ukrainian pilots started instruction on "F-16 fundamentals" with the 162nd Wing of the Arizona Air National Guard.

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"The training curriculum will align with the foundational knowledge and skills of each pilot and is expected to last several months," the spokesperson added.

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According to the report, while the usual F-16 training course takes around six months, U.S. officials previously indicated that this particular program will be shortened and tailored to Ukraine’s military needs in the war with Russia. The pilots will master the “full multirole spectrum” of combat duties they will be expected to perform once Kyiv receives a fleet of F-16 jets from its international partners in 2024.

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