Ukrainian partisans claim responsibility for setting fire to Russian barracks in Crimea

Fire in the barracks in the village of Sovietskyi

“The base of the conscripts of the army of the Russian Federation in the village of Sovetske in Ukrainian Crimea is on fire,” ATESH wrote.

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“Our agents worked pitch perfect. We worked on this ‘project’ for a long time and, of course, everything worked out for us. We will continue to destroy the Russian army from the inside.”

The partisans also added that there were victims as a result of the fire, and promised to publish a list at a later date.

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On Saturday, December 10, around 6:00 a.m., a fire broke out in the barracks where Russian conscripts were stationed in the village of Sovetske in occupied Crimea. As mentioned, the barracks could house from several hundred to several thousand people.

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