Ukrainian hackers steal construction plans for 500 Russian military sites — report

Hackers (illustrative photo)
Hackers (illustrative photo)

Hackers from the group Blackjack, purportedly affiliated with Ukraine’s SBU security service, have breached a Russian state enterprise involved in construction work for the Russian military, and downloaded over 1.2 TB of data, a Ukrainian law enforcement source told NV on Jan. 18.

The data from Russia’s Main Military Construction Directorate for Special Projects included more than 500 sets of technical documentation for military sites across Russia: arsenals, SAM sites, headquarters, and barracks, including those on occupied Ukrainian territories.

The hackers also wiped seven servers and encrypted over 150 computers of Russian employees, effectively causing an irretrievable data loss.

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Previously, according to NV sources, Blackjack hackers breached Moscow ISP M9com, wiping data from its servers, and compromised the website of Russia’s Labor ministry, accessing official reports intended for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

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