Ukrainian fighters defeat a Russian SRG near Kharkiv; commander taken prisoner


Ukrainian scouts, together with members of the National Guard and the Territorial Defence forces, destroyed the subversion and reconnaissance group (SRG) of the marines of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy in the Kharkiv region and captured one of its commanders.

Source: The Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, on Telegram

Quote: "The "Kedr" reconnaissance group of the Chief Intelligence Directorate conducted a special operation in the village of Dementiivka, Derhachi district, Kharkiv region. A large unit of the occupiers was found among destroyed buildings. 36 occupiers were killed by fire from the Ukrainian defenders. Many Russians were injured to varying degrees of severity."

Details: The reconnaissance group, together with the Territorial Defence Forces and the National Guard, forced the Russian unit to retreat, despite its numerical superiority. The platoon commander of the Russian SRG was wounded and captured.

According to the Ukrainian Intelligence service, the commander turned out to be Stanislav Trutnev, born in 1989, a native of the Zaporizhzhia region. He is a serviceman with the 140th Special Purpose Anti-Submarine Sabotage Forces detachment of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy (military unit 69068, Vidyayevo, Murmansk region). He had previously served in Syria. The prisoner is now in a medical institution in Ukraine.