Ukrainian drones hit oil depot in St Petersburg

St Petersburg Oil Terminal. stock photo: open sources
St Petersburg Oil Terminal. stock photo: open sources

The attack on an oil depot in Russia's Leningrad Oblast by Ukrainian drones on the night of 17-18 January was a special operation by the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

Source: Ukrainian Pravda's source in the Defence Intelligence

Quote: "This is a Defence Intelligence operation involving modern Ukrainian assets. Data collection continues, and there are confirmed strikes on targets.

Now, military facilities in St Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast are within reach of Ukrainian forces."

Details: When asked if this was the first time Ukrainian drones had attacked Leningrad Oblast, the source replied: "Not the first time, but there are differences this time, and the enemy has felt them."

Background: On 18 January, the Russian Defence Ministry reported an attack by Ukrainian drones, in particular in Leningrad Oblast, where a UAV was supposedly shot down. At the same time, Astra Telegram channel stated that the drone crashed and exploded on the territory of the St Petersburg Oil Terminal.

For reference: According to Russian media, the Petersburg Oil Terminal is the largest Russian oil transshipment terminal in the Baltic region.

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