Ukrainian drones damage Bazalt enterprise facility in Tula, Russia – video

Stock photo: Defence Intelligence of Ukraine
Stock photo: Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Drones of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) damaged the production facilities of the Bazalt, Russian defence industry state enterprise, based in the city of Tula, on the night of 15-16 May.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda source in DIU

Quote: "A military facility in Tula was struck overnight into Thursday as a result of DIU’s planned operations. The facility directly manufactures military products for the war against Ukraine."

Details: Open-source intelligence monitoring has confirmed that the incident was captured by street surveillance cameras.

Russian media, on the other hand, claim that in Tula Oblast, the air defence system shot down two drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Note: Open sources indicate that Bazalt is a Russian defence facility focused on the development and supply of weapons and ammunition for the ground troops, the air force, and the navy.

Apart from its main division in Moscow, it includes a research and production unit in Krasnoarmeysk, Moscow Oblast, as well as production units in Tula and Kostroma oblasts.

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