Ukrainian Couple Evacuates Abandoned Pets From Irpin

A Ukrainian couple who have been evacuating people and animals from Irpin in minibuses documented their efforts rescuing abandoned dogs and cats on March 21, days after one of their buses leaving the Kyiv suburb was shelled.

Speaking to Storyful, Kateryna Kanzafarova said that she and her husband are volunteering to take abandoned animals without owners to shelters to either help them reunite with their families or find new owners.

One of the dogs seen in the footage, a yellow Lab named Archie, was adopted by Kanzafarova and her husband after they found him tied to a post in Irpin and couldn’t find his owners.

Another clip, taken on March 17, shows a handful of rescued cats sitting in cages in Kanzafarova’s car waiting to be taken to an animal shelter. Credit: Kateryna Kanzafarova via Storyful

Video Transcript

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