Ukrainian counteroffensive could succeed only on a small section of the front, retired UK general says


In the interview, he cautioned against having too much hope for Ukraine's near-term counteroffensive.

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According to his data, Ukraine has prepared around 60,000 troops for the operation, while Russia has roughly 300,000 on the front lines with another 200,000 in reserve.

Even under favorable conditions, Barrons says that such an operation can only be carried out on a front section of no more than 25 kilometers, creating the numerical advantage necessary for a breakthrough.

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Barrons believes it makes sense to choose a location where important logistical nodes – such as Crimea – can be cut off from the bulk of enemy forces, or to penetrate deep into well-fortified Russian defenses to threaten their rear.

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Earlier, Ukraine's Deputy Defense Minister Volodymyr Havrylov said that Russia will panic when the Ukrainian counteroffensive begins.

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