Ukrainian brand unveils new ceremonial Olympic uniform featuring map of Ukraine

Kickboxer Pavel Zamyatin and judoka Daria Bilodid in FROLOV uniforms
Kickboxer Pavel Zamyatin and judoka Daria Bilodid in FROLOV uniforms

The anatomical yellow and blue FROLOVHEART heart, inscribed with a map of Ukraine, is the central element of the uniforms.

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A blue polo with a heart and a black-sleeved T-shirt with yellow and blue zippers and an embroidered heart, as well as black pants compose the male kit.

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The female set includes a blue and black T-shirt, a black belt, a polo shirt and blue skirt pants. It is accessorized with a silk scarf with a print based on the Ukrainian coat of arms, heart, and a Cossack cross designed by Ukrainian artist Vova Vorotnyov.

"It was important for us to create a minimalist and sustained ceremonial uniform,” the designer explained.

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"Our heart with a map of Ukraine, thanks to the FROLOVHEART charity project, has become not only a recognizable visual symbol in the world, but a symbol of help. The hearts on the uniforms are made using four techniques, including applique, satin stitch, tatami, and stitching. Competing around the world, our athletes always have Ukraine in their hearts, and we set a goal to vividly reflect this.”

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