Ukrainian border guards repel 3 Wagner Group assaults on Ukrainian strong point in Bakhmut

Ukrainian border guards repelled three Wagner Group assaults in the eastern city of Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, on 23 March.

Source: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Quote: "Enemy forces [Wagner Group mercenaries – ed.] assaulted a border guards’ strongpoint in [Bakhmut’s] industrial district. Border guards launched mortar bombs to support units defending their positions. The border guards operating the mortars successfully delayed the invaders' reserve forces, which forced the enemy to halt their assault operations.

Wagner Group fighters were only able to renew their assault on this front after regrouping."

Details: Ukrainian border guards forced Wagner Group mercenaries to retreat completely following the final gunfight. A total of three clashes between the border guards and the Wagner Group fighters took place in Bakhmut on 23 March so far.

Four Wagner Group mercenaries are said to have been killed, and 10 have been injured.

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