Ukraine's Security Service has exposed 11 Russian intelligence networks since start of year

Vasyl Maliuk. Photo: Getty Images
Vasyl Maliuk. Photo: Getty Images
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The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has exposed 11 Russian intelligence networks since the beginning of 2024.

Source: SSU Chief Vasyl Maliuk speaking at the Congress of Local and Regional Councils under Ukraine's President; SSU press service

Quote from Maliuk: "Nowadays, the SSU can work proactively. First of all, it is due to systematic and new counterintelligence approaches. We do not detain a single traitor, but, as a rule, we uncover the entire chain. The SSU uncovered 47 intelligence networks in 2023, and all the perpetrators have been detained; 11 more [intelligence networks] have been exposed since the beginning of this year."

Details: The special service counteracts Russian infiltration into critical infrastructure, including through cyberspace. It also blocks attempts to reconnoitre the routes of international aid, locations of defence industry facilities, etc.

In addition, Maliuk reported that since the beginning of 2024, the SSU has opened 352 criminal proceedings on high treason charges (98 people have been convicted), 807 on collaboration (177 convicted), 108 on aiding Russia (7 convicted), and 66 on passing intelligence about Ukraine’s Armed Forces to the Russians (19 convicted).

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