Ukraine's military carries out 17 attacks on Russian positions, destroys Russian Mi-24 helicopter

Over the past twenty-four hours, Ukraine's military struck 17 areas where Russian troops were located, shot down six Russian drones and a Mi-24 helicopter, and destroyed an artillery unit, the General Staff of Ukraine's Armed Forces reported in its morning briefing.

According to the General Staff, Ukraine hit two Russian control centers, four temporary bases, two anti-aircraft missile systems, an ammunition depot, an artillery unit at a firing position, and two electronic warfare stations.

The update did not say where the strikes occurred but said that Russian troops have focused their main efforts on conducting offensive actions near Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiika, Marinka, and Shakhtar in Donetsk Oblast. The General Staff said Ukraine's military had repelled 59 Russian attacks in these areas.

The update also said that over the past day, Russia carried out 50 air and 11 missile strikes, and launched 75 attacks from salvo rocket launchers on the positions of Ukrainian troops and civilian infrastructure of populated areas, killing civilians.

Battles are ongoing near Mariinka and Avdiivka, located next to the Russian-occupied regional capital Donetsk, 40 kilometers south of Bakhmut. Avdiivka is one of the main hotspots of Russia's ongoing offensive, according to Ukraine's military.