Ukraine's Ground Forces releases video of Russian UAVs being destroyed on Bakhmut front

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Oleksandr Syrskyi, Commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has posted a video of Ukrainian defenders shooting down Russian reconnaissance drones and attack drones on the Bakhmut front.

Source: Syrskyi on Telegram

Quote from the commander of the Ground Forces: "On the Bakhmut front, Ground Forces air defence is carrying out combat missions against Russian reconnaissance drones, attack drones and loitering munitions.

I would like to commend the coordinated actions of anti-aircraft gunners of the 28th and 93rd Mechanised Brigades, operators of the Strela-10 air defence systems, who destroyed seven Orlan-10 UAVs and two Zala UAVs in total this week."

Details: Syrskyi added that despite constant artillery fire, the Ukrainian military has learned to interact with electronic warfare units, quickly detect small and inconspicuous occupiers’ UAVs in the air, and hit them accurately.

In addition, the air defence of the Ground Forces is destroying Russian Lancet loitering munitions which the Russians use to hunt down Ukrainian artillery.

Syrskyi stressed that the Defence Forces continue to defend Bakhmut, inflicting heavy losses on the occupiers in the east.

"In some areas, the enemy is noticeably nervous, as time is playing against them, and there are fewer human resources left to storm our positions.

The coherence of our actions and the resilience of our soldiers ensure that tasks are accomplished, the enemy’s fighting spirit is broken and its plans are disrupted," the commander of the Ground Forces concluded.

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