Ukraine's new Defence Minister's plans: electronic military ID card, single register of conscripts and digitalisation of military medical commissions

Newly appointed Defence Minister Rustem Umierov has said that his Ministry plans to introduce an electronic military ID card, launch a unified register of conscripts, and digitise all processes of military medical commissions (MMCs).

Source: Interfax news agency

Details: Umierov made this statement in his speech at the plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine’s parliament) on Wednesday.

Quote: "The MMCs. This abbreviation in today's sense should be a thing of the past. The task is to digitise all processes and launch a single register of conscripts, which will eliminate any corruption risks. Digital. Everything that can be digitised must be digitised. All information about a soldier should be digital: an electronic military ID card, digitalisation of military medical examination and hospitals, a digital journal, [and] a report for the military."

Background: On 6 September, The Verkhovna Rada approved the appointment of Rustem Umierov, the former head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, as the Minister of Defence of Ukraine.

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