Ukraine's Defence Intelligence posts final flight path of downed Russian A-50 – map

Photo: Ukraine's Defence Intelligence
Photo: Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) has released the last flight path of the Russian A-50 radar aircraft that Ukrainian Air Force shot down on 23 February.

Source: DIU

Quote: "A joint operation by Defence Intelligence of Ukraine and the Air Force of Ukraine over the Sea of Azov resulted in the downing of another valuable Russian A-50U aircraft.

The destroyed A-50U is a new, modernised Russian version of the plane."

Details: A sharp drop in the speed and altitude of the downed A-50U aircraft was reportedly observed near the town of Yeysk.


Photo: Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

This plane was used by the Russian Federation for long-range radar detection, control and targeting for attacks on Ukraine with missiles from strategic aircraft.

This aircraft, of which there are only a few left in Russia, is worth US$350 million.


Photo: Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Background: The Defence Forces of Ukraine downed a Russian A-50 long-range radar detection aircraft on 23 February.

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