Ukraine's Ambassador to Canada announces new additional support package

Canadian flag. Photo: Pixabay
Canadian flag. Photo: Pixabay

Yuliia Kovaliv, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Canada, has announced an additional package of support for Ukraine from Canada’s budget for 2024.

Source: Kovaliv on Facebook

Quote: "We have an additional package of support from Canada in the presented budget for 2024."

Details: Kovaliv mentioned the following points of additional support for Ukraine from Canada:

  • budget support in the amount of CAD 2.4 billion (about US$1.7 billion), of which CAD 2 billion (US$1.4 billion) has already been transferred through the IMF Special Account, with an additional CAD 400 million (US$289 million) to be disbursed in the coming months;

  • CAD 1.6 billion (US$1.15 billion) under a new five-year military assistance programme in accordance with the Security Agreement signed in Kyiv on 24 February 2024;

  • CAD 216.7 million (US$157 million) through the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development to finance reconstruction projects in Ukraine;

  • CAD 76 million (US$55 million) to finance projects under the programme to support peace and security in Ukraine, including humanitarian mine clearance.

In addition, Kovaliv said, the budget states that Canada plans to cooperate with international partners and the G7 countries to bring Russia to justice, including through the confiscation of Russian sovereign assets.

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