Ukraine war unlikely to end soon — US intelligence

Ukrainian troops
Ukrainian troops
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The war between Russia and Ukraine is unlikely to conclude in the near future, U.S. Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said on May 2.

According to Sky News, Haines said that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin sees the situation in international affairs developing in Moscow’s favor, motivating him to continue attempts to subjugate Ukraine.

“Putin's increasingly aggressive tactics against Ukraine, such as strikes on Ukraine's electricity infrastructure, are intended to impress Ukraine that continuing to fight will only increase the damage to Ukraine and offer no plausible path to victory,” she said.

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On March 28, The Economist wrote that beginning this summer, Russia might launch a major offensive, with Ukraine’s capacity to withstand it looking “much less certain.”

According to Politico, Ukrainian military officials believe that during the summer offensive, Russia might breach Ukrainian lines in areas where it concentrates its main forces.

Ukrainian Defense Intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov earlier said that Ukraine is facing a "quite difficult" situation beginning mid-May.

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