Ukraine war concerns academics

Mar. 1—The Russians' brutal invasion of democratic Ukraine last week has caused emotional reactions of condemnation and worry worldwide, including within the halls of academia.

Local university professors and academics at the University of Connecticut and Eastern Connecticut State University said they are concerned about the well- being of Ukrainian citizens, who are being killed in the fighting.

U C o n n d o c t o r a l c a n d i d a t e Volodymyr Gupan hails from Ukraine and teaches the issues the country faces in his political science course at the UConn-H a r t f o r d campus.

Gupan said he fears for the safety of his family as well as his fellow countrymen.

His mother and father are currently sheltering in place in rural Ukraine.

They chose to leave their condominium in the capital city of Kyiv due to Russian encroachment in the city.

Gupan's aunt and uncle are currently seeking refuge in a bomb shelter in Kyiv.

" It's traumatizing for everyone," Gupan said.

" Something like that should not happen ever ... ," he said of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. " It is unforgivable when a large empire ( Russia) tells Ukrainian people that they have no right to exist."

Gupan cannot fathom why the Russian


It is unforgivable when a large empire (Russia) tells Ukrainian people that they have no right to exist.

Volodymyr Gupan