Ukraine and US working on long-term security agreement, Zelensky says

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (R) receives US President Joe Biden at the Presidential Palace ahead of their meeting. Biden said fresh military aid will begin flowing to Ukraine "in the next few hours" after he signed into law a bill that provides for billions of dollars in new spending to support Ukraine's fight against Russian forces. -/Ukrainian Presidency/dpa
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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday said that Kiev and Washington were working on a bilateral security agreement, part of his ongoing effort to ensure his war-torn country receives long-term support.

"We are already working on a specific text," said Zelensky in his evening video address. "Our goal is to make this agreement the strongest of all."

"We are discussing the specific foundations of our security and cooperation. We are also working on fixing specific levels of support for this year and the next 10 years."

He said the support would range from military hardware to joint arms production and financial aid.

"The agreement should be truly exemplary and reflect the strength of American leadership."

The United States has been Ukraine's most important ally as it confronts invading Russian forces in the south and east of the country, as well as near nightly aerial bombardments.

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed into law a $61 billion aid package for Ukraine's fight, following months of wrangling in Congress.

Ukraine has also forged bilateral security pacts with Britain, Germany and France.