Ukraine stops three Russian infiltration groups in Sumy Oblast

In Sumy Oblast, three Russian DRGs tried to break through the border
In Sumy Oblast, three Russian DRGs tried to break through the border

In Sumy Oblast, Ukrainian border guards and military units have stopped three attempts by Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups (SRGs) to break through the border of Ukraine, the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) reported on Telegram on March 17.

In one case, border guards detected several people from an enemy SRG attempting to infiltrate from the territory of the Russian Federation. They opened fire on the saboteurs, and a firefight ensued. In two other cases, border guards, together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, detected Russian SRGs in before they entered Ukraine and opened fire on them.

According to the SBGS, in all three cases, the occupants were forced to retreat.

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According to the agency, reserves of the SBGS, NGU, and AFU units were deployed to reinforce the areas of the subversive reconnaissance groups. Artillery and mortar crews were also deployed.

Earlier, the former commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Serhii Naiev, reported that Russian SRGs typically consists of 10-12 well-trained saboteurs. All SRGs are officer groups from Russia's special operations forces and the GRU of the Russian General Staff.

In December 2023, SBGS stated that Russian troops had intensified their sabotage and reconnaissance operations in Sumy and Kharkiv Oblasts.

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