Ukraine receives 98% of weapons needed for counteroffensive, US general says

Ukrainian defenders on the front line in Donetsk region
Ukrainian defenders on the front line in Donetsk region

Cavoli stated that Ukraine and its Western allies calculated how much equipment Kyiv would require for the counteroffensive, after which Ukraine's partners began supplying it. The general said that over 98% of the promised combat vehicles had already arrived in Ukraine, and also acknowledged the "generosity" of allies in supplying tanks and armored combat vehicles.

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"I am absolutely confident that we have delivered the material they need, and we will continue to work to support their operations," said Cavoli.

According to Cavoli, the results of simulated wargames, conducted jointly with the Ukrainians, indicate that Kyiv’s forces are "in a good position" for a successful counteroffensive against Russian troops occupying Ukrainian territory.

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On April 21st, the 11th meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group took place at the U.S. Air Force Ramstein base in Germany. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced the participants had agreed to intensify supplies of air defense systems and ammunition to Ukraine.

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The head of the Pentagon also reported that over the past several months, Ukraine’s partners have transferred over 230 tanks and more than 1,550 armored vehicles, considerably bolstering Kyiv’s ability to counter Russian aggression.

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