Ukraine is ready for long war with Russia without losing people – Ukrainian President

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Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, stated that Ukraine, following the example of Israel, may focus on a long-lasting war with Russia without losing the lives of Ukrainians, and explained the risks of taking the war into the territory of Russia.

Source: Zelenskyy in an interview with Natalia Moseichuk, as broadcasted in the 24/7 newscast

Quote: "Israel is fighting. It depends on the kind of war. We are ready to fight for a long time without losing people. It is possible. We can minimise casualties following the example of Israel."

Details: Zelenskyy also responded to a question whether Ukraine is ready to transfer combat action to the territory of Russia. "I think that it is a big risk, we will definitely lose all support [from international partners – ed.]", Zelenskyy explained.

Moreover, the Ukrainian President stressed that the partners of Ukraine understand the hardships of the counteroffensive. The responsibility for what is happening is always bilateral.

"When we face hurdles in the battlefield, I want to say that adequate partners do not ask me such questions. They are adequate like me. They know for sure that both the victory and the slowdown in the counteroffensive or in the defensive actions, some weaknesses are also bilateral. Something failed there, something was miscalculated here," Zelenskyy explained.

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