Ukraine moves to mass production of naval drones — Fedorov

Marine drones
Marine drones

Ukraine is scaling up the production of naval drones, developing new models with "surprises" to keep Russian ships "uncomfortable" in the Black Sea, Digital Transformation Minister Mykhailo Fedorov told Ukrainian TV broadcasters on Nov. 14.

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“New models [of drones] with surprises are being developed,” said Fedorov.

“So, I think Russian ships will feel quite uncomfortable in the Black Sea. There's a specific task to scale production, so more and more manufacturers are appearing, competition exists, new features are emerging.”

“We are now working around the clock to move the war to a new technological phase, to continue destroying the enemy.”

He also added that the country is currently actively producing combat UAVs. Since June, Ukrainian drones have destroyed 627 enemy tanks, 869 armored vehicles, and over 700 artillery units.

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Ukraine uses naval drones to attack Russia Black Sea Fleet. On Nov. 10, drones critically damaged two Russian small landing ships in occupied Crimea. In total, since February 2022, Ukraine has sunk or damaged 25 Russian vessels.

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Ukraine's experimental surface drone, Sea Baby, was notably used to attack the Crimean Bridge linking the occupied peninsula with Russia.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced the creation of a Ukrainian fleet of naval drones and a fundraiser for it in November 2022.

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