Ukraine might face 'hellish April' - military observer on Russia's missile attacks capabilities

Kyiv during Russian missile strike on March 21
Kyiv during Russian missile strike on March 21

Large-scale missile attacks on Ukrainian territory will continue in the coming month, Denys Popovych, military observer, suggested on Radio NV on March 24.

"By now they have a stockpile of missiles," Popovych said.

"They made them, accumulated, when there was no missile strikes for 44 days. Now we are facing the same situation as last year, when there was a big break before May, and then there was a "hellish May". I believe that we will have a hellish April because they stockpiled a lot of missiles."

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He added that he would be happy to be wrong, but notes that "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, and the third time is becomes a system."

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On March 24, Russia conducted massive missile strike on Ukraine. Enemy attacked Ukrainian cities with 29 cruise missiles and 28 attack UAVs. Air Defense Forces destroyed 43 targets. Also, one of the Russian cruise missiles that attacked Ukraine flew into Poland for 39 seconds.

19 missiles and 7 attack drones striked Lviv Oblast, where they hit infrastructure facility. In the morning, Russia attacked this facility once again with hypersonic missiles.

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