Ukraine looks east after Avdiivka retreat

STORY: Ukraine’s military said on Monday its troops are taking up new defensive positions in the east – and repelling Russian attempts to develop an offensive thrust.

The move comes after their retreat from the captured town of Avdiivka.

Military footage released by Ukraine shows scenes from the battlefield, including Ukrainian soldiers barricading inside industrial buildings.

Andrii Teren, a commander in the 110th Brigade, said Russia had "exhausted" the defenders.

"We didn't have enough people. We didn't have enough shells. We didn't have enough possibilities to throw them back. If we had had a large amount, or at least an ok number of shells, we could have stopped the enemy. But unfortunately, we didn't have them."

Video released by Russia’s Defence Ministry on Monday showed strikes on Avdiivka’s coke plant, now under Russian control.

Reuters was able to verify the location of the video, but was not able to independently verify the date when this video was filmed.

Avdiivka's fall handed the Kremlin its biggest battlefield advance since May, when Bakhmut was captured...

And is the clearest sign the tide of the war had turned in Russia’s favor.

110th Brigade Commander Teren said Ukraine losing Avdiivka gives Russia a big advantage.

"After having entered and fortified Avdiivka, and having conquered such strong infrastructure, the next threat to us is that the enemy can now do its job better. They will not stop, they will advance to the left, to the right, and forward. Having these fortifications, it will be easier for them."

The capture pushes Ukrainian forces further from Donetsk.

The Russian-held city is an important logistics hub used by Moscow to support operations across partially occupied eastern Ukraine.