Ukraine liberated more territory in a month than Russia captured in a year − MI6 Chief

Over the course of a month, Kyiv has retaken more territory than the Russians were able to capture in a year, said Richard Moore, the Chief of the UK Foreign Intelligence Service MI6.

Source: Moore during a speech at the British Embassy in Prague on 19 July, as European Pravda reports, referring to the Politico news agency

Quote from Moore: "Ukrainian commanders in rather stark contrast to their Russian counterparts want to preserve the lives of their troops and therefore move with due caution."

Details: The MI6 Chief added that Ukraine's liberation of its territories is "a hard grind, and Ukrainian officials and military don’t shy away from that," while "the Russians have had a chance to put in defence[s] which are very tough to overcome".

He also called on Russians outraged by the war in Ukraine to "join forces" with his intelligence service and put an end to the bloodshed.

In the same speech, Moore expressed his belief that artificial intelligence will not replace human spies.

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