Ukraine launches counteroffensive with support of foreign weaponry

The war in Ukraine appears to be moving into a new phase, as Ukrainian forces reportedly regain territory along the frontlines. Recent footage shows weapons given to the Ukrainian military by the U.S. and other allies effectively rebuffing Russian forces. During a visit to Irpin, Ukraine, on Thursday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken told members of the press, “We’re proud of the fact that our support, [and] the support of some of the other countries, is helping to enable what the Ukrainians are doing.”

Video Transcript


INTERPRETER: It would probably be irresponsible of me to say that they haven't achieved any successes at all. The very fact that they broke through our defense line is, of course, a substantial victory for them.

LLOYD AUSTIN: The HIMARS using the GMLRS rockets have been extraordinary in terms of enabling the Ukrainians to service the targets that they need to service inside of Ukraine.

ANTONY BLINKEN: As Ukraine is starting this counteroffensive in the south, also in the east, early days, but we're seeing real effectiveness on the ground. And we're proud of the fact that our support and the support of so many other countries is helping to enable what the Ukrainians are doing in working to liberate territory seized by Russia in this aggression.