Ukraine’s HUR discloses Syrian mercenaries in Russia’s ranks

Russian invaders
Russian invaders

Ukraine's HUR military intelligence service unveiled a roster of 141 Syrian mercenaries enlisted by Russia for the conflict in Ukraine, disclosed via Telegram on Feb. 14.

The list includes:

  1. Ashafar Mazid, born in 1983;

  2. Samih Ziad, born in 2000;

  3. Amer Murshid Qasem, born in 1982;

  4. Alaa Al-Maflah Taama, born in 1983;

  5. Khaled Malik, born in 1992;

  6. Liman Murshid Hasan, born in 1989;

  7. Nasib Murshid Akram, born in 1986;

  8. Mustafa Sawah Abdulkadir, born in 1987;

  9. Taher Khalifa, born in 1977;

  10. Saleh Al-Darib Ali, born in 1994;

The full list is available on the HUR website.

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Russians recruit Syrians for hostilities against Ukraine through travel agencies, with training occurring at a military base near the city of Aleppo and the Kuweires airfield.

Russian drone operators are being trained by Hezbollah in Syria to participate in a full-scale war against Ukraine, HUR reported on Feb. 12.

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The training sessions are held at the Shayrat Airbase and are conducted by the Lebanese Hezbollah Police along with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. Kamal Abu Sadiq, a Hezbollah commander known for his drone expertise, is leading the program.

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