Ukraine’s historic takedown of Russian A-50 radar plane earns global applause

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The destruction of a Russian A-50 long-range radar detection aircraft and damaging of its supporting Il-22 on Jan. 14 by the Ukrainian Air Forces was a historic event, said Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson, Yuriy Ihnat, on Feb. 4.

“The destruction of the A-50, especially in conjunction with the Il-22, marks the first time in history such an aircraft has been taken down,” said Ihnat. “The Western world is applauding.”

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Operations of the kind by Ukraine’s Defense Forces serve as the best advertisement for Western weaponry.

Taking down the A-50 delivers a significant blow to the image of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's regime.

“The Air Forces dreamed of destroying this aircraft,” said Ihnat. “You can't imagine the joy of those who did it, the joy at the command post. It's truly inspiring. A high-value target was eliminated.”

Ukraine was the first in history to destroy a long-range radar detection aircraft, Defence Express suggested earlier.

Details on the destruction of the A-50 and Il-22

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While the A-50 plane was destroyed in the strike on Jan. 14, the IL-22M11 aircraft it was flying with was only damaged, albeit severely, and forced to make an emergency landing in Anapa, HUR chief Kyrylo Budanov told the Financial Times on Jan. 15.

The specifics of this event remain undisclosed. Announcing the destruction of the aircraft, Armed Forces Chief, Valeriy Zaluzhny, thanked the Air Forces for a "well-planned and well-conducted operation."

The downing of the A-50 resulted in the death of at least 11 military pilots, claimed the propagandist Telegram channel Fighterbomber, reportedly run by Russian Armed Forces Captain Ilya Tumanov.

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