Ukraine confirms it will demand reparations from Russia in The Hague, amount to be determined

The Ukrainian government has not yet decided on the amount of financial claims against Russia under the Genocide Convention, but there is a decision that this claim will be made.

Source: Anton Korynevych, Ukraine Foreign Ministry’s ambassador-at-large, at a briefing in The Hague, reported by European Pravda

Details: As European Pravda reported in an article about the trial the day before, Ukraine has plans to make financial demands on Russia as well. Korynevych confirmed this information and stressed that Ukraine deliberately included references to Ukraine's financial losses in its speeches in The Hague.

Quote: "Reparations will be an important part of our case. We emphasised this to the court – I, as Ukraine's agent, and other representatives [of the legal team involved in the trial in The Hague – ed.] said as much."

More details: In his speech at the International Court of Justice hearing, Korynevych mentioned Ukraine's losses as of the summer of 2023, which were estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars: "The World Bank has estimated that it will take US$411 billion to repair the damage that Russia has done to Ukraine."

Nevertheless, at the briefing, Korynevych stressed that there are no decisions on the amount of the claims yet. "We will decide on the amount and other specifics [of Ukraine's claims against Russia] later," he explained.

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