UK intelligence confirms return of part of territory occupied since 2014 to Ukrainian Armed Forces

UK Defence Intelligence has confirmed that the Ukrainian military has recently liberated a part of the territory in the east of the country that had been occupied since 2014.

Source: UK Ministry of Defence Defence Intelligence update on 27 June

Details: UK Defence Intelligence states that Ukrainian Airborne forces have made a modest advance east of Krasnohorivka, near Donetsk, a village which sits on the old contact line.

Quote: "This is one of the first instances since Russia’s February 2022 invasion that Ukrainian forces have likely recaptured an area of territory occupied by Russia since 2014.

Recent multiple concurrent Ukrainian assaults throughout the Donbas have likely overstretched Donetsk People’s Republic and Chechen forces operating in the area."

From Ukrainska Pravda: The status of a small area southeast of Krasnohorivka changed on the DeepState map on 22 June. The Ukrainian Defence Forces reported its liberation on 24 June.

Earlier: In a review on Monday, UK Defence Intelligence confirmed that the Armed Forces are advancing near Bakhmut from the north and south, and that the Russian Federation has hardly any reserves to cover all areas where the situation is tense.

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